About the Course

The AS Media course is a one year course that contributes to 50% of my overall A level grade. The course is the OCR, AS Media Studies course and is half coursework and half exam.

The exam is titled: Key Media Concepts in TV Drama.  It is 120 minutes long and is comprised of two sections; A and B. The A section is titled: Textual Analysis and Representation, during which we are shown a 30 minute DVD of a short clip, five times. We are then asked questions about the representation of characters and events.

The B section is titled: Institutions and Audiences, where we are asked one question about the film industry, for example marketing or production, where we have to use our own case studies

The coursework section is comprised of three sections and is titled: foundation portfolio in media. the first section: Research and Planning, is entirely reliant on this blog and what is posted on it.

The second section: The Main Exercise, where we have to make the title and opening of a new fiction film to last a maximum of two minutes.

In the third section: Evaluation, we are asked 7 questions about our main exercise, all of which must be answered in a creative manner through this blog.

That is the structure of the AS Media Studies course.


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