Preliminary Task – Evaluation

The filming of the Preliminary task was an OK process, we were able to finish easily. However we had a few problems throughout with equipment; namely recording equipment. We weren’t entirely sure when it was and wasn’t recording so had to re-shoot some scenes again. Also having limited people we were unable to record and soot in idle positions, which prevented us from having some of the shots we wanted. This wasn’t a big issue however as it was our transitions between shots  that became the issue with our overall task.


Editing was easy enough as I had experience using Final Cut Pro before, however I found positioning the audio slightly awkward.Once I learned how to do that I was fine though.


From what I was told, it was the transitions between shots were the main problem I had. This was not as a result of my editing but that my filming didn’t lend itself too well to the transitions we perhaps wanted.


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