Predictions for WWE Clash of Chmpions 2016

WWE clash of champions ppv event is this Sunday and it looks to be a one of the best cards they have had all year. Whether that means the inaugural RAW ppv of this new era will deliver is yet to be seen, but they have done a great job of building to this event.

Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox

After Jax wrecked Fox last week on Raw by driving her through the barricade, this one is guaranteed going to Jax. Fox has been with the company for ten years and in that time has accomplished next to nothing , except from a brief title reign as the divas champ back in 2007. Jax however is the new girl looking to establish dominance as a monster heel. Something management has accomplished over the past two months. Expect this to go just over five minutes before jax wins and goes on to demand a titleshot.

New day (c) vs Gallows and Anderson: Raw tag team title match.


The new day has held the tag titles since summerslam of last year, so well over 400 days at this point. Gallows and Anderson however have been treated with ire since debuting back in April. The new day have grown stale with the belts and Gallows and Anderson really need them at this point as the new day have run out of Heel challengers at this point. Where as enzo and Cass, the new day and a possible pairing of tomasso ciampa and jahnny gargano would be far more interesting challengers. However I have said new day will lose the belts ever since April, so I’m not sure, I still think Gallows and Anderson though.

God their rivalry’s been boring.

Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn

A rather thrown together match announced last week, after Jericho attacked Zayn on his Highlight reel segment. And such it has had very little build, this week on raw they squared off in a tag match which Zayn won. Jericho can really go still, arguably the best heel in the company right now, and Zayn is one of the best workers in the company so expect this to be one of the matches of the night if not the match. I fully expect Zayn to go over. After his big win against Kevin Owens back in July he has done next to nothing, so he needs to do something. Jericho’s been great at putting people over ever since he returned in January. Cough* AJ Styles *Cough.

Rusev (c) vs Roman Reigns: US title match.


All bias against Reigns aside I fully expect him to lose here. Rusev has been booked like a monster since beating Kalisto in June. Since then he has beaten several midcarders in Titus O’Neil and Zack Ryder. These two were meant to have a match at summerslam. But it failed to get underway and instead they brawled on the outside of the ring for ten minutes. If this gets underway it should be a good back and forth match with Rusev winning by shenanigans. To go on to another feud with cesaro or maybe another match with Reigns perhaps. Reigns however should either continue this feud or move into a feud with another mid to upper midcarder for example Big Cass or Jericho

Cesaro vs Sheamus: The last in a best of seven series.

Currently standing 3-3 Cesaro and Sheamus will face off for the ninth time since August the first. And although their matches have been good, they’ve been relatively uninteresting up until this point. Mostly because we don’t know what they’re fighting for, I’m guessing a title opportunity. I feel that seven matches was too many and I think 5 would have been better. Regardless I  expect Cesaro to go over and earn a title oppurtunity after a hard fought match.

T.J. Perkins (c) vs Brian Kendrick: Cruiserweight championship match.


TJP was made the first cruiserweight champion last Wednesday after beating Gran Metalik in the finals of a 32 man tournament. For that reason I expected this to be a straight rematch. I was surprised on Raw when a Fatal Four way match was announced and Brian Kendrick would earn a title shot. I personally think Jack Gallagher ( who wasn’t even in the match ) should have been TJP’s first challenger as he has a heavy gimmick and needs to get over quickly.

Brian Kendrick was still a surprise, which is good. I don’t think he’ll win as it’s far too early into TJP’s title reign for him to lose. I do expect it to be a good match as both are veterans of the game and Kendrick is a master storyteller.

P.S. The bully choke is a better name than the captains hook.

Charlotte (c) vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks: Raw women’s title match.


On Monday night Bayley was added to this match after Dana Brooke said that neither Banks or Bayley deserved a title shot as the match they had resulted in a double pin. Instead both were added to the match. First of all I think that was an accident and that Banks was meant to win. Even so, this is going to be great. All 3 are some of the best females in the company. I expect Charlotte to retain as otherwise it looks like the title is being hot potatoed around since June. Pinning Bayley will further present her as a underdog, allowing her to move into a rivalry with an enraged Banks. While Charlotte can move into a feud with Dana Brooke, which makes sense but will be terrible as Brooke isn’t very good.

Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins: Universal title match.


The slow build and Rollins face turn going into this match have been pure bliss to watch. Whether it be Triple H’s unexplained actions, Rollins’ frustration or just Owens being amazing as champ. I expect Owens to win after Triple H Interferes and for him to move into a feud with Rollins going into survivor series similar to Cena vs the authority from a few years ago. Owens on the other hand can move into a feud with Cesaro or a returning Brock Lesnar.

Full predictions.
Nia Jax
The New Day
Sami Zayn
TJ Perkins
Kevin Owens


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