Playlist, My favourite classical-electronic songs.

Hybrid music is some of my favourite out there when two genres combine, the results are often amazing when done properly. this is especially the case with electronic music as it has almost no limitations, classical music is viewed as the complete opposite so when a producer takes on a classical song and does it correctly the results are often amazing.

note- these are not in any particular order

10) Avicii – heart upon my sleeve.

9)Sizzlebird – Imagine.

8) lindsey Stirling – master of tides ( nightcore edit )


7) KSHMR – Jammu

6) Hardwell – Birds fly

5) Varien – We are the lights.

4) Sizzlebird – between worlds

3) Varien – Valkyrie II

2) Sizzlebird – Elixir.

1) port Blue – Over Atlantic city


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