My Top 5 Favourite Youtubers


I watch a lot of youtube in my free time and such I watch a lot of youtubers. So here they are my personal favourite Youtubers and why. As always this is just my opinion, even I don’t think these are the ‘best’ but theyre my personal favourite to watch in my free time.

Number 5) Niall Comas – Pyrocynical.

Image result for pyrocynical

Pyrocynical gets a lot of flack from the community saying that he’s a ‘clone’ of other popular Youtuber Leafyishere. I don’t think this is the case namely because Leafyishere is very unfunny and repetitive in his form of comedy and I think he wouldn’t have an audience be it not for 14 year old tumblr girls. Pyrocynical on the other hand is very blunt in his comedy, and chooses to mock the video’s he is commenting on rather than lynching them as Leafyishere does. Many say his voice is annoying, but being a Brit myself, I find it perfectly fine, if not resembling Shrek a little. I do think his videos are very similar but they’re funny so I don’t care that much.

Number 4)  Ram Kavadara – GradeaUndera.


GradeaUndera is another Youtuber who makes content some would view as controversial, and I think that’s true of some of his videos, however the ones he is best known for are not controversial at all in fact they’re very interesting. GradeaUndera comments on social topics, things he finds silly, and trends within the internet community. Him having very similar views to myself is probably what endears him to me so much. His presentation, while crude and childish, has established him and created a unique style. Which other youtuber with 2 million subscribers makes videos with MS paint.

Number 3) Joji Miller – TVFilthyFrank.

Image result for tvfilthyfrank

Perhaps best known for popularizing the harlem shake Filthy Frank has since grown his channel to be one of the most infamous on YouTube. Infact he’s become so popular that youtube want to sweep him under the rug and proclaim he doesn’t exist as he sends suich a negative message. However, that message also happens to be hilarious. His videos have changed from sketch comedy, comical discussions and gangster music videos his most infamous videos have been taking down proving just how controversial a topic he is, to the point that his current channel is not his first, it’s his third.

Number 2) Jay Swingler and Rommel Henry: TGFBro.

Image result for TGFbro

TGFbro or just TGF as they refer to themselves, are the most like a typical youtube channel out of the five on this list. As they do challenges, collaborations and tell stories on their channel. The main differences are that, first they’re actually funny (although a big part of that is that Jay’s laugh is hilarious) but also they don’t seem to care what anyone thinks of them. Purposefully doing stupid things like taking a bath in PVA glue or playing pieface with nails, their comedy combines extreme slapstick with random one liners. It’s as if two 16 year old boys were extremely drunk but all the time.

Number 1) Ian Carter: Idubbbztv

Image result for idubbbz

Idubbbztv is one of the smartest youtubers out there. His content consists of roasting other content creators for their bad content while at the same time protecting himself by being as self deprecating as possible. If someone were to retaliate to his video, it becomes very difficult as anything they could say about him, chances are he’s already said it and in a way ten times funnier than they ever could. His videos while random at times, are hard hitting hilarity and his collaborations with filthy frank have become some of the most infamous on the website.



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