Preliminary Task – Take 2

After our first attempt at the preliminary task we were asked to repeat the task but focus heavily on the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot reverse shot.

We were given the same premise of film to make and split into groups of three, we spent a lesson planning, which was so we could frame everything correctly rather than have an engaging script. In fact we weren’t bothered about our script at all.

The next lesson we had we spent filming. Filming went smoothly from all accounts, however our actors were a little over zealous. the room in which we were filming made some shots slightly difficult but we were able to work around this and get the shots we needed.

once everything was edited and our ‘film’ was finished I can say that we improved upon my previous attempt. We got all three of the rules correct so our film was followable. More so in the case of shot reverse shot, which is something we couldn’t do last time due to group limitations.


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