Textual Analysis – Sound Design

Diegetic sound- sound that purports to come from the world of the film

1) Sound recorded on set – often sounds for the film are recorded on the set of filming.

However, usually sound is replaced with Foley effects, which are clean recordings of everyday sounds.

2) Speech/ Dialogue – Although dialogue is often recorded on set, when a film has a larger budget it’ll often use ADR. ADR or additional dialogue recording, is where dialogue is re recorded after filming to make it sound better.

Non diegetic sound – Sound added in post production to have an effect on the audience.

1) Composed score – music composed for the film. This may include themes: Music associated with a particular character. And stings: Short pieces of music added into films at certain moments.

2) Compiled score – pre existing music.

3) Narration – dialogue added to tell the audience information.

3A) Direct address – narration directed towards the viewer.

4) Sound bridge – where music continues between two scenes without change.

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