Why a Show Shouldn’t be Judged Because of the Medium it is Presented In.

If your’e like me, you like cartoons. And not just ones like South Park, Family guy and Rick and Morty. But shows typically ‘for kids’ as well such as Avatar and One Piece, whether western or eastern. This is because when you ignore that they are cartoons they are often amazing shows. The story in Avatar is amazing but simple to understand, and the characters and charm in One Piece is what has made it the most successful Anime of all time. That’s because there’s a stigma there, many people will say: Pfft that’s cartoons, why would I watch that. To the point where I think if Full Metal Alchemist got a live action version, it would go down as one of the best series ever made.

I personally think that animation is a much more interesting medium than live action, purely because there is more freedom within it. While I think the show Parasyte: the Maxim’s story would work in any medium. It utilizes such outlandish visuals that a live action version would be lynched because it would just look terrible. however the original works perfectly within that medium.


Each animated show has it’s own aesthetic because each animator draws differently. This is also true within shows, just look at the Tequila Wolfe episodes in one piece compared to the rest of the show. The reason for this is, aside from people drawing differently, the tone of the series has changed and those episodes were meant to be much more serious than the rest of the show. Quite simply different shows require their own aesthetic. I see fanarts of shows such as Rick and Morty, Adventure Time and some others, where they’ve been drawn in an anime style, which works for a still image but the entire show couldn’t be drawn that way. Because the aesthetic aides in presenting the series as a whole; it’s meant to look silly.

Therefore I find different animation styles far more interesting to look at than live action shows, because they are just far more interesting to look at. Simply put Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead they all look the same. But they all look the same because the medium is viewed as more ‘adult’ and therefore are capitalizing on that. Where as I cant think of any two animated shows that look the same.The Walking Dead title card.jpg

This stigma has been somewhat embraced as the majority of children’s shows are cartoons, at least in the west. However if we in the west were to make animated programs meant for adults, and not in just a comedic way. We may become more diverse as a culture.


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