5 British Wrestlers Who Would Succeed In WWE

british wrestling is having somewhat of a resurgence in recent years. With promotions such as Progress, Rev Pro and WCPW more recently, easily displaying why british Wrestling is at its peak. Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr. are putting on some of the best matches in the world, with Sabre recently being offered a WWE contract. so hear they are 5 british wrestlers who could succeed in WWE.

5) Joseph Conners (With Lilith) . Joseph Conners’ character work in NGW is one of the most entertaining elements of the promotion. When he is by himself, he’s an entertaining heel but with Lilith as his valet he is even more so. A very good wrestler that can work many different styles due to being a middle weight, a great promo and good look endears him to the WWE style, he has the possibility to be the next Seth Rollins. His early work in WCPW proved that he can work comedy well also and his recent story with Liam Slater proved that he’s much better with a valet; Lilith has become an essential part of his act. If he would only change his attire: Its so boring.

4) Will Ospreay. One of the most talked about wrestlers in 2016, Will Ospreay has become one of the best high flyers in the world. However that is why he’s ranked so low. High flying is not the WWE style and he’d likely to be relegated to the cruiserweight division, which is a shame as he has potential to be a mian eventer, however that is the problem with that division altogether. Ospreay is a great wrestler and has shown his ineptness to multiple styles. His promo skills are a bit lacking and he is slightly undersized even for a cruiserweight. However these are easily fixed and considering his young age of 22 he has the potential to go far if he is not held back.

3) Joe Hendry. Joe Hendry, more so than anyone on this list, is extremely likable and perhaps more important extremely entertaining. If allowed to do his special entrances, he has the potential to be an extremely entertaining midcarder or higher. His look is not the best, however that’s easily fixed and his ring work is fairly one dimensional. But Scottish wrestling is not represented a lot on the big stage, with Noam Dar being WWE’s only other Scottish wrestler right now; and he’s yet to debut.

2) Rampage Brown. This one is the most likely to happen, as it’s already happened before; kind of. Rampage Brown was signed to a WWE developmental contract back in 2006 and even competed in a match on ECW, where he lost to Mark Henry. Rampage is often lambasted as ‘just a big guy’ and while there is some truth to that: You won’t see him doing a moonsault. Guys like Rusev and Samoa Joe have proven that stigma wrong in recent years. And unlike other big men, Brown is a great technical and mat wrestler known for using  explosive power moves and strikes. His look is perfect however his promos are rather weak, but if used correctly he has the potential to go far.

1) Marty Scurll. Marty Scurll is doing some of the best character work in the world right now. His villain persona is something so obvious it’s surprising no one else has done it before, or at least with such success. Similar to Ospreay he could succeed in the cruiserweight division but with such great character work he’ll likely never enter it, instead being an upper midcarder or possible Main eventer. With a hybrid style that combines old style British strong style, modern cruiserweight and puroresu; he could be successful in every division. Just change the crossface chicken wing. It’s boring.


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