mise en scene terminology

1) Actors: Actors portray the characters in the film.

1A) Appearance: An actor’s appearance is very important to their portrayal of their character and requires the correct hair, make up and clothes.

1B) Blocking: Blocking is the positioning of the actors within a scene.

1C) Performance: An actor’s performance is vital to their portrayal of their character. Their delivery of the dialogue’s content is perhaps most important. But also their expression and gesture in movement.

2) Colour palette. A film’s colour palette is the colours used in a film, for example the matrix is very heavy on green.

2A) Temperature: Temperature is how we as an audience perceive heat due to colour for example a red colour palette would suggest a hot environment.

3)Lighting: How a scene is lit.

3A) Ambiance: Ambiance is the mood that the lighting portrays.

3B) Light and shadow: The level of light and dark in a scene.

4) Setting: The setting of a scene is how the background appears.

4A) location/studio: Where a scene is filmed whether it was on a location or at a specially built studio.

4B) Props: Objects within a scene.

4C) Scene decoration: The way a set appears in the film, this is usually changed to suit the scene


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