What Is Creativity?

Being creative within a certain medium has its own definitions depending on the medium and further depending on who you ask. A movie can be creative in many ways, whether that be with visuals or story. Films such as Life of Pi, James Cameron’s Avatar and more recently Sausage party are all visually creative. This is because they are telling a story through visuals. But films such as Deadpool, Sync and The Wrestler, are creative in the story they tell. But what they have in common is the application of something to something it was never meant to be applied to. This is the case in every medium, from skateboarding to music.

In the case of skateboarding, some one had to see a skateboard and say ‘I can flip that over and land back on it’, that was never what it was intended to do. And in the case of music, acts such as Sizzlebird and KSHMR are breaking boundaries in what can be done within that medium as they took classical instruments and wrote drum n’ bass and house music respectively.

Image result for sizzlebirdImage result for kshmr

Being truly creative these days is next to impossible. In this time of the internet, if two things exist, a combination of them has been made. For example, Shadow of the Katamari, which is a combination of Shadow of the Colossus and Katamari Damacy.

Shadow of the Katamari PS Vita Wallpaper

So when a film comes around such as the original Toy Story or a song such as San Holo’s Still looking. And true creativity has been made, they are heralded as being amazing with in their respective mediums and achieve success with in their communities.File:Toy Story logo.svgImage result for san holo still looking

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