Reservoir Dogs – Pre Production Task

As a task to prepare us for our coursework later in the year we were tasked with recreating the opening scene from Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 film Reservoir Dogs.

We spent two lessons planning and studying the extract as we did not have access to any reference during the filming ( other than ones we had made ourselves.

We then spent two lessons filming our version of the extract to varying levels of success. During the first lesson we were fairly clueless on how to operate some of the equipment we had not used previously, such as the dolly. And so we hot very little filmed, however during the second lesson we managed to film almost everything.

After giving in the footage, we had to edit it to the original extract. This seemed reasonably simple to do as I was relatively experienced with the editing software. And was able to finish in just over one lesson.

To properly evaluate the end product, I feel that our location was  very weak (Although we were stopped for choice) as we couldn’t film bow we wanted to. I also feel that although the editing was strong, the credits; their font and capitalisation was replicated incorrectly.

(Also none of us can act properly)


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