What Made Paramore Successful

Paramore is one of the most successful rock bands of the last decade despite coming across as quite ordinary. A simple three to four piece band, comprised of a guitarist, drummer, bassist and vocalist have become one of the most beloved and cherished acts in rock culture. But why?


Paramore have never had a song that’s been overly complex, instead their songs revolve around having strong melodies, rhythms and lyrics, none of which is significantly stronger than the other. And all their song follow a basic structure: Opening riff, variation with the verse, pre chorus, chorus, repeat that and then have a second variation. Very rarely do they deviate from that, with the song “The only exception” being fittingly the only noticeable exception, but that’s mostly because its written in the rarely used 3/4 time signature.

Paramore also have the pleasure of having a vocalist with a tone that fits almost any song they write, Hayley Williams, similar to artists like Ellie Goulding and Breanne Duren, has almost a boyish tone, which works surprisingly well within this genre.

Paramore also structure their albums extremely well. And have only improved with time. For example “All we know is Falling” had their first three songs be the singles on the album, which while that made the rest of the album weak by comparison. You listened on because you felt that the album would remain consistent.

It really is a testament to virgin records for picking up such a fresh act in Hayley Williams when they did as they could have robbed us of one of the best bands of the last ten years


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