The Progression of RWBY

RWBY is an independent animation series started by Roosterteeth back in 2013 that for whatever reason went viral upon its announcement, most likely because its one of the first things like this to have been released by a western company in some time and because Roosterteeth already had a following online due to Red vs. Blue, which was released the previous year.

First of all I do recommend this series, as it gets very good if you can drag your self through series 1 and 2. Series 3 is gripping, and if every series was as good I wouldn’t even be making this post.

I find it hard to believe people actually thought the original series, or even most of the second was good, at least from a story point of view. Quite simply the first series is bad. It’s almost as if Rooster teeth themselves didn’t take the first series seriously.

The First few episodes, are strong, I’ll give series 1 that. Episode 1 sets up the series well and establishes a strong main character despite it dumping us with exposition. And episode 2 follows suit, introducing more characters and giving them their respective roles. But by episode                 things start to fall apart.

With the teams established, the series stagnates, almost as if they didn’t have a plot written past a certain point. There is a solid three episodes of melodrama and not good melodrama. With shows like Steven Universe, the show resolves around melodrama, but the difference is…


Yeah. The melodrama in series 1 between Ruby and Weiss is so boring. however not all is bad. once that is resolved we go into more melodrama, however this time its done properly. The melodrama between Blake and Weiss towards the end of series 1 is way better, as there is so many reasons behind it and there is exposition explained within it. So good Yeah, well no.

Steven Universe logo.svg

I get what rooster teeth was trying to do with the end of series one but its so ineffective, the cliff hanger we are left on: there is no reason for me to care, it’s about a character we’ve only been introduced to ten minutes ago, why should I care.

Overall series 1 is full of broken character arcs, unfunny comedy and way too many cringey moments

Series 2.

Straight off the bat we can see series 2 is better, the overall look is better the animation is smoother and the fight scenes are choreographed better, will things go the same as series 1. Well, kind of.

Series 2 by itself is a very good series. It has a good character progression and is good at defining each individual character, which is something series 1 only managed to do with Jaune.  But it feels like it’s making up for the shortcomings of series 1 as series 1 only planted the seeds of the overall story, quite simply not enough happened in it. Series 1 and 2 could easily have been joined together and it would have formed  much more cohesive story over the first episodes ( if a lot of the fat was cut away).

Series 2 does go over many of the stereotype character arcs that characters go through in these sort of shows. However they are executed correctly and make sense, the progression between Jaune and Pyrrha is a highlight in particular. Many more characters are introduced, some without reason and some with. Neptune in particular seems quite pointless.

However the best part of series 2 is the fact that more villains are introduced and more creative characters: Neo and Mercury are some of the best in the series.

I do think the ending of season two is rather uninspiring, it’s alright but it comes out of nowhere and doesn’t set up the next series too well. instead were just told towards the end what series 3 will be on ( this is somewhat resolved later on but that negates my point)

I don’t want to talk about series 3 as it only has one small problem with it towards the end. Overall it opens up the possibilities of the series. Ditching the school setting in particular is a big step up. A school setting limits you to what you can and can’t do, as you can’t get away with more violent acts and have the story be logical.

Overall if you can watch series one this is a series I absolutely recommend. And I am intrigued to see what happens on Saturday when series 4 starts.


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