Why Pvris Were so Successful

Pvris is a three piece rock band that released their first album white noise earlier last year. The album was met by critical acclaim by those in the community but also managed some more mainstream praise at least in the UK. The three members in Pvris: Lynn, Brian and Alex, have been said to be one of the most successful rock bands of this decade, with comparisons to Paramore and Blink 182.

What I set out to ask is, why were Pvris so successful?

First of all, the style of music Pvris make is very appealing to wide audiences. By incorporating pop elements into their rock music they appeal no only to hardcore rock fans but also to more mainstream audiences, as their songs are more radio friendly. This is perhaps best displayed in their first album. White Noise had eleven songs on it in total and each of those could be argued to be in a different sub genre to the other, while still maintaining a strict theme throughout.

Image result for pvris white noise

The band also have the blessing of having a female lead. Now, I myself don’t much care for the gender of a singer ( I think if you can sing, you can sing regardless ) however in this style of music it endears them more to a mainstream audience as they have a naturally softer tone. Lynn is also a great composer, with her and Brian responsible for almost all the composing, which means their songs maintain a style unique to them. This has proved a problem for some bands as the members can change all the time. This also masks the fact that the lyrics to most Pvris songs are quite weak.

This is helpful for them especially as they write in many different different styles, wit their songs Holy and My House being as different as possible. But both maintain the sound that they are known for.

This range of genres and the fact that they are equally good at writing in all of them is what I believe to have made Pvris so successful.


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