Jack Reacher Never Go Back

Jack Reacher never go back is the sequel to the original Jack Reacher film, which was released a number of years ago. It follows an army veteran in Jack Reacher and his solving of big crimes that have recently happened. These two films are alright, the first one is definitely the stronger of the two but the second one has it’s strong points. And that’s what we are discussing today.

Right of the bat this film has a weaker plot. There is no set up or progression of Jack’s character and there is far too many subplots for me to care about the main one enough. Having said that it’s far easier to understand compared to the original Jack Reacher film, as that one required far too much exposition and backstory, which required all of your concentration through the film’s entirety.

The cast is also weaker, Tom Cruise is a solid lead and Billy Slaugter is a good villain but Cobie Smoulders and Danika Garish are so forced in their lines ( also their characters are way too boring ), which makes caring about their characters harder. Especially when they are playing such generic and stereotypical roles in this genre.

Ooh… a girl army major who doesn’t like being a girl and a traumatised kid. I didn’t find myself saying that.

I will give this film credit for adapting the book quite well. The main plot is the same but a secondary plot was added in too give more depth even though it failed to do so. The problem with adapting these books is that they are far too short to be a full film. Therefore Tom Cruise has to write in extra content. I personally don’t think he’s that good of a screen writer so therefore there are noticeable parts of this film that are far weaker than others. For example the opening bar scene is one of the best in the film, it comes from the book. The scene of them on the plane is one of the worst, that wasn’t in the book.

Overall I give this film a 2.75 star rating. Not good, not bad just a bit meh. Watch the first one though.


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