My top 5 Video – Games.

When it comes to games I’ve played my fair share. And feel that my opinions may be different to some other people’s, I still think it would be interesting to share. I’m not going to pick these games on story or gameplay ( for example I recently spoke about Shadow of the colossus and that is not on the list) , but instead how much I enjoy them, which is why some of these games may come off as strange choices.

5- Overwatch.

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The most recent game to appear on this list overwatch is a 6v6 multiplayer shooter game but is so well designed and so different form other shooters that it really stands out. one of the appeals to this game in my opinion is the team aspect to it and that you need to work as a team to win, something that’s gone missing more recently in games. All of the characters are so well designed and so well rounded that even if you do have a favourite it doesn’t matter if you have to play as another.

This is one of the best designed multiplayer games in recent memory and to further explain that here’s a video by Sunder

4- Zelda- just Zelda.

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The Zelda series has had it’s ups and downs over the years but has stayed one of the most consistently entertaining game series in its now 30 year history. I chose to put the series as a whole instead of just one game, mostly because some of them are far too similar and some were made better than others that I couldn’t pick just one. Though to list some of my favourites I would say: Link between worlds, Majora’s mask, Spirit tracks and The windwaker. each for their own reasons and none are in my opinion the best game, but instead the ones I had the most fun with. The Zelda series has consistently had good story, music and puzzles that it has remained entertaining and Breath of the wild looks to be one of the best yet in that aspect.

3- Mega man

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Mega man is a very simple game, so simple. The story is almost non-existent, the controls are easy to understand: I mean there are only two buttons. But those simple controls are manipulated so well, these games are designed perfectly. Each enemy has a simple premise, and each level has its own mini premise, some work better than others obviously. With Flashman’s  falling stage being a big stick out as a failed idea. But that is ok as most of the ideas did work.

Mega man x is one of the best of these games. Having a little bit more of a story, a few more control tweaks and added perks. But not enough to have that deviate from the Mega Man style of game.

2- Pokémon

Image result for pokemonlogo

My love for Nintendo may be becoming clear at this point as it takes up over half of this list, but that’s just the person I am, valuing how much fun a game is over how good it actually is. Pokémon essentially took fun as it’s core values and went from there. Again I’m putting the series on here as while each game is different they are basically the same game with different characters. The game is simple enough and has one of the best themes in all of gaming’s history having never deviated from the template set back in ’95. Instead adding new characters is all Nintendo needs to keep this series alive and while were on that topic here are some of my favourites: Butterfree, Scyther, Darmanitan and Cyndaquil.

I love how essentially arrogant Pokemon has been, never deviating from a perfect game structure, because really, why should they?

1- Kirby’s Dream Course.

Image result for kirbys dream course logo

Okay, Kirby’s dream course may be the most peculiar game to appear on this list, as it is not even a proper Kirby game in the typical sense. Instead it is more similar to a side mini game, in fact it is. This game while not particularly hard or having great depth is so simple yet so good at doing what it does. In some ways it is just a crazy golf game with a Kirby skin but that’s alright to me as that skin is just so good.

I will say the game is rather limited in the number of levels it has but a fan made sequel was just released with over 150 extra levels on it. If you have never played this game I highly recommend it as it is one of the most simple but effective games to have ever been released and my personal favorite.

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