My 5 Favourite Cartoons to have aired on Cartoon Network

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I am a big fan of any form of animation, whether it be western, eastern or even independent. I simply think there is more that is possible and also acceptable in that realm. Cartoon Network has been at the forefront of this for a long time now, whether it was back in the late nineties with shows such as Ed Edd and Eddie, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s lab or the 2010 resurgence with shows such as Adventure Time, Regular show and Gravity Falls. With those shows having either ended or have announced their ending I wish to countdown the 5 cartoons to have aired on cartoon network that I enjoyed the most.

5- Rick and Morty

Image result for rick and morty

Rick and Morty technically airs on adult swim, so I may be bending the rules here but it’s the same channel so be quiet. Rick and Morty is definitely the most successful ‘adult cartoon to have aired in a while, and has more of a cartoony feel to it than shows such as family guy. Rick and Morty is more in the vein of regular show, both in terms of animation and in humour, with the latter being cranked up to 11 to suit a more mature audience. In fact Regular show always felt like it should have been more mature but I digress. Rick and Morty bridges the gap between childish humour and that of a more adult audience earning it a place on this list.

4- The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Image result for The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Flapjack aired on cartoon network in 2009 just before the cartoon network resurgence started. Flapjack along with the other good show to air in this period: Chowder, were unfortunate in airing when they did as they were flanked by many weaker shows at the time but served as the precursor to more successful shows the next year. Flapjack was amazing in both its comedy and in its animation style, one that would become the staple of the company, just look at more recent shows for reference. Flapjack, while never as successful as it should have been was definitely as good as it needed to be.

3- Adventure Time

Image result for adventure time

Ask any cartoon network fan what made the channel good again, 90% of hem will say Adventure time and the other ten percent are wrong. Adventure time was made by one of the original creators of flapjack and served as the flag bearer for cartoon network for at least 5 years. The show proved successful for following the same structure of flapjack but endearing itself to a larger audience with its more colourful palette ( flapjack was arguably a little dull ). This made for a cartoon that was good for being a cartoon and earns its space on my list.

2- Steven Universe

Steven Universe logo.svg

Steven Universe is one of he best self aware cartoons to have ever aired, the best example of this within the show is this character with a blog, that blog actually exists. Steven Universe is very good at character progression and basing itself in a ‘serious’ setting but not taking itself seriously at all. The characters are well designed, not just in terms of design but also as characters. I like the action dynamic of the show, with many cartoons resorting to more of a monster of the week type format, having a long running narrative is good for a change. Not for lack of trying but Steven universe does not reach m number 1 instead it is number 2.


1-Ed Edd n’ Eddie

Image result for ed edd n eddy

Many tout Ed Edd n’ Eddie and Courage the cowardly dog as the best shows to have aired on cartoon network ever, but I never enjoyed the latter that much ( mostly because Courage’s design scared me as a child) Ed Edd n’ Eddie however,

Although simple in concept Ed Edd n’ Eddie was so outrageous in its execution that it was so popular. Some say the art is bad, and while I agree, I don’t think any other style would have worked. Ed Edd n’ Eddie is regarded as the greatest gem of Cartoon network’s golden era ( from a content standpoint) and I couldn’t agree more as it is my favourite to ever air.

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