Why Shelter Should Remain as a Short.

Shelter is an animated short/ music video from A1 pictures, which got its name from the Porter Robinson and Madeon song of the same name. I love short films; often conveying as much emotion and story telling as entire series, if not more so. Shelter in particular has been praised for this.

A-1 Pictures Logo.svg

For those of you that haven’t seen it here is a brief run down of the plot: Ren is a young girl who lives alone in a world. she has this tablet and by drawing things on the tablet she can create new environments. Upon seeing a swing set she created, her memories flood back to her and the rest of the short is learning how she got to where she is now.

Now this short is almost perfect; it looks great, it has great music and a solid story. In fact i think the story is actually quite but as its condensed into such a short space of time it feels a lot weightier than it actually is.

After this short was aired there were many petitions asking for an entire series of this to be made. To which I say;

Image result for jontron no meme

The problem with creating an entire series for this is that there is no need. The source material is perfect and as M. Night Shamylan proved, taking one medium of source material and adapting it to another, similar medium, doesn’t always work too well.

There simply isn’t enough material here for this to become an entire series, or at least a good one. And as the creative directors would change I’m not sure the initial charm would remain.

Shelter is perfect as a short, why tarnish its reputation.


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