Five Film Openings and What I learned

As part of my research and study on this coursework task I watched the opening sequence to five different films. Here are their respective timeline sequence and what I learned from all five.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

0.00 – 0.15: Main title sequence.

0.16-0.48: One long crane shot, used as an establishing shot as it zooms in on a character.

0.48-0.56: Same shot from behind, introducing a second character.

0.57-0.59: The name of the first character is revealed.

1.00-1.18 : The name of the second character is revealed through the introduction of another. There is also some mild exposition.

1.19-1.34: The motives and feelings of some of the characters are revealed.

1.35-1.50: A fourth character is introduced and we learn more about the other characters.

1.50-2.06: Transition into the next scene.


The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games Intro Text?!

0.00-0.20: Main production title

0.20-0.30: Second production title

0.34-0.59: Exposition through credit roll

1.00-1.30: Two characters are introduced and their opinions, rolls and thoughts are shown through a discussion.

1.30-1.34: Establishing shot of new area

1.34-1.59: Two other characters are introduced in a separate scene, and we find out about their personalities through their relationship


Iron Man


0.00-0.20: Main production title

0.20-0.33: Secondary production title

0.33-0.48: Establishing shot with credits

0.49-1.08: More establishing shots set to music

1.09-1.20: Characters are introduced through reaction shots

1.20-1.34: Character’s personalities are shown through dialogue

1.35-2.27: This continues however with mild exposition

2.28-3.00: The tone of the scene changes

3.01-3.42: Mild exposition and fade to black.


Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Doesn't this look like the opening scene of a serial killer movie?  THAT would have been a heck of a remake!

0.00-o.24: Main production title

0.25-0.40: Second and third production title

0.41-0.47: Character established

0.48-1.15: mild exposition

1.16-1.34: Second character introduced

1.35-2.04: Information about second character

2.04-2.45- Comedic sequence

None of this has any dialogue or music.


Scott Pilgrim vs the World.








0.00-0.20: Main production title, unique to film.

0.20-0.31: Narration.

0.32-1.00: Five characters are shown but only one is named.

1.00-1.15: Personalities of characters are established through discussion

1.15-2.17: Names of all five characters are revealed through various jokes

2.18-2.37: Various jokes.

2.38-4.22: Opening credits set to music.


From these five film openings I have learnt the following:

There is usually two production titles, with the first lasting for twice as long as the second.

There is one longer establishing shot at the very beginning

Between two and five characters are introduced nut usually are not named until the second minute.- These are usually the main character and several other non important characters.

Through discussion, text or movement the personalities of the characters are shown.

There is often some mild exposition towards the end: This is usually a cliff hanger for the rest of the film.


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