Crywolf – Cataclasm an Icelandic masterpiece.

Crywolf is the alias of American producer and songwriter Justin Phillips, who has garnered a strong following over the past few years with his unique take on modern electronic music. Approaching dance music with more of a songwriter approach than a production approach Crywolf has written some of the most emotionally jarring and gripping songs within this genre. Before writing this album Crywolf apparently felt disconnected with music, what with there being so much new music constantly around him. So he went to one place that was more isolated tan any other. Iceland.


Yes this album was written in a month in Iceland. Try and comprehend that for a second, an entire album was written in a month away from anything else.

This album perfectly utilises both the vocals of Crywolf but also his slick production and composition skills. This is shown best in Wake and Quantum Immortality. As both have similar minimalist vibes with heavy vocals and percussion, with simple effects and bass lines that move the track forward. This is less the case in Wake, as it follows on from the opening track: The Queen of Fiji. Which is Ok by itself but it does create a very clear A and B part to the track instead of one long, growing progression like I feel it should have

The use of classical instruments in this album is also incredible, with Rising rising, Akureyri and A Shattering all being different yet equally amazing, with A Shattering being my personal favorite on the album, what with its heavy vocals and use of melody.

This album would lead to Crywolfs natural progression into slightly more electronic songs, with Slow Burn perhaps acting as the prelude to this. This is very evident when listening to his more recent songs such as Quantum Immortality.


Overall this album’s use of melody, songwriting and manipulation of classical instruments makes it, in my opinion, one of the strongest albums in the last 5 years.



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