Idea for the film/ opening

I want to do a drama film similar to films such as Less Than Zero and American beauty.

The plot of the film revolves around Wade, a middle aged dad, who lives with his wife and kids and how his drug and alcohol addiction affects them.

For the opening I want to base it off of other openings of films such as This Is England.

The opening starts with a handheld shot following the main character downstairs, out the door as he throws away a large bag full of bottles. We then see a shot of him sat on the floor against a wall, drinking again. There is a few shots to show how much he has been drinking. There is then a few shots of him talking to someone through a door and them then leaving him, it then fades to black on a shot of him sitting back down, set to music. after the fade to black the main title appears on screen.

I feel I would be able to do this to a good level as creating the opening itself wouldn’t be too hard as it revolves more around characters than complex shots and camerawork.


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