Gotham: Good?

Gotham is a series no one really wanted when it was first announced, however the producers and writers have managed to  create some relatively compelling stories for the series over its now 3 seasons. This is due in part to the level of actors on the show and how surprisingly good the writing has been.

Since the start of the series Gotham has revolved around 3 main characters, those being Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and Penguin. There have been more introduced since then but it has been mostly those three. While I personally feel that Bruce’s story has been weaker ( it has lost some of its spectacle with it having been told many times), it has remained consistent and is at its strongest points when integrated into other story arcs, something that the series achieves very well.

Bruce Wayne is Close to the Truth in New Gotham Photos

One thing I am a fan of with Gotham is the B plots meaning something. each episode has its own mini plot to move the story forward, this is different form a monster of the week series but that’s for another time. Usually the characters introduced in these episodes end up coming back into the plot and having at least some impact on it as a whole. This was especially effective in series 2 with the Doctor Strange arc, but arguably they could get away with a lot more.

While I do feel the series has stagnated a little more recently Gotham has been an enjoyable series so far, and its intriguing that it acts as more of a drama than a straight up action series. I personally am ready for season 4


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