Drake Views

Drake recently released his fourth studio album: Views, and I finally got round to listening to it in full more recently. I wanted to offer my thoughts on the album as I feel i have a different opinion than most.

Wikipedia states that

Views was met with lukewarm reviews from critics, many of whom found it to be an overlong retread of Drake’s previous work.

I think there are elements of truth to this but only in certain parts of the album. When we ignore the tracks such as 9, U with me and Feel no ways. This album is very good.


I think that Drake’s sound has naturally evolved over time, with his lyrics getting better and the production getting much better as well. I also like that many more of these songs are solo releases, I find that Drake does too many collaborations and has this reputation that he relies on other people for big releases. There is still an element of truth in that but more so on this album he’s incorporated more of his own voice in his songs.


I don’t think Drake has an amazing singing voice, however his voice is perfect for the style he is going for; very laid back and chilled out, something which is more of a theme in this album, which is something this album lacks a little. However, the range of different genres and styles this album explores makes it stronger overall. And this is evident in the stronger songs on the album not sounding the same

At all.

In my opinions the strongest tracks on this album are: One dance, With You and Child’s play, three songs which are not the same at all. With One dance being having a modern pop influence, With you being very chilled out, but with a heavy beat and vocals, and Childs play being a very clever rap song that is made strong by its backing track.

While not the strongest of Drake’s albums Views proves itself to be a solid listen.


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