As the opening of a film usually contains the idents of both the main and secondary production company we had to both create and include our own idents for our films.

I did some research into idents at the start of films, both in how long they last and how they appear. And I found some key things out.

The first thing I noticed was the length of the idents. The main ident is usually twice as long than the second one: usually 20 seconds to 10.

Universal Studios.svg

This ident is usually a lot more complex than the second. If the second is a still image on a black background set to no music, the first is usually a large 3d piece of cgi with its own score.

While their are normally two idents, this s not always the case as sometimes the main company is the only one involved, for example Scott Pilgrim and Pitch Perfect only have the Universal ident as they are Universal films.

Something that is also quite commonplace, at least more recently, is custom idents. This is when an ident is specifically made for the film. Dreamworks have been doing this for a while, with almost all their films differing form the original ident. This is less commonplace in smaller companies, both due to lack of budget but also because the ident isn’t as established as Disney’s or 20th century fox’s is.

The secondary ident is often a lot less complex, often just a still image but this is not a fixed rule. For example Strike is just a word with six lines. Where as Marvel’s idents, have become more and more complex.

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