Research into other scripts.

I started doing research into some other scripts so i could see what I would need to include in my own when I eventually do that.


One thing I found was that scripts were surprisingly more detailed than I had initially expected, with very complex directions for how the actors should behave and deliver certain lines.

Scripts also went into loads of detail on what a character is wearing and where they are, acting more as a storybook. For example the script of The Wrestler greatly details how the characters are feeling, where they are and what that looks like, despite us never being told that on screen.

The scripts also had very strict directions and rules in how they were written. This is usually done through abbreviation. For example to say a scene took place in a school hall that would be write as INT. SCHOOL HALL, meaning school hall interior.

The scripts also positioned text very strictly, with certain filming directions being always on the right hand side and speech always being in the middle.


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