After pitching our films to our class we moved on to actually planning our films. This is separate from research and conventions as we were doing more practical, and actually creating pre-production work than just figuring out how that would work, although that is still an element.

I thought it was best to write my script first, before moving on to story boarding, as I had a more tangible idea of how that would work. I did research into some other film scripts to see how they worked and they were more complicated than I had originally imagined them to be, including far more directions in terms of how an actor should deliver the line and what they should actually do when they are moving. So I thought replicating that would become a challenge, what with me never having done it.

This my first version: Before I researched any other scripts. You can see there is very minimal direction.

script 1 owen timmins.jpg

This is my second version: After I researched other scripts. I feel this version has more direction however the layout of it was incorrect.

script 2.jpg

I then fixed the layout.

Script 3.jpgscript3. 2.jpg

I did this because scripts are always written in a certain font and have very strict stage directions and text positioning.

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