Monster of the week: Should I care.

Monster of the week is a term used in TV series to refer to a series with standalone episodes. I’ve talked before about how having a B plot in certain episodes of a series can be good to keep the show running and the plot progressing, however there is a fine line between a B plot and not having a plot.

In cartoons, I get it; the point of cartoons is to suspend your belief and just have a vomit of colors and comedy put on you: but even then there is usually a main plot. Take Steven Universe as an example, The plot isn’t very clear in the first few episodes but it becomes more clear as the show progresses and then the B plots begin to make more sense.

However in shows that take themselves more seriously, its boring; This is the reason I stopped watching Grim after three episodes.

Lets instead talk about a show I have watched the whole way through. Myriad colors phantom world. Now this is arguably still a cartoon, but eastern animation series take themselves far more seriously, so…

The show revolves around five main characters and the adventures they as a group have, and while that’s pretty basic, there is nothing for me to care about here. This show in particular tries to hide behind good music, characters and shot composition. But what they don’t realize is there is no plot.


If you aren’t to bothered about a plot and just like being immersed in an overall impressive show aesthetically, than maybe you like shows like this, I don’t.


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