How is a plot engaging

Many film reviewers and screen writers alike will often say that has a film has an engaging plot, but what doesw that really mean. Surely all plots are engaging to some extent, right. Well no. In modern films especially, the plot ( the most important part of the film ) is often not the engaging part. In fact usually its the least important part of the film.


Look at any comedy film, whats more important to a writer of that genre. The plot or that the film is funny. This is the same with action films, where films are far more visually impressive than engaging storyline wise.

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In fact films often have the illusiom of an engaging plot, when this is not the case. Usually it is these other elements that are engaging. Which is fine, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But what truly makes for an engaging plot.


Well, first of all an engaging plot needs engaging characters. Characters with depth, not just; this guy is good, well why. Just telling me something doesn’t make it true.

There characters also need  an engaging goal, what are they trying to accomplish, and why are they doing that.

A plot also needs to make sense, If a character wants to do something but his morals aren’t sound why should I be engaged by that

There is multiple way to engage someone in a film, this is usually through dialogue, and this is the case here.

But really no matter how a film engages an audience, aslong as it does, is there a problem.


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