NSP Under The Covers review

Musical comedy duo NSP (Ninja Sex Party) comprised of Brian Wecht and Dan Avidan have become renowned for their blending of comedy and 80’s style disco music. Too often with comedy music the comedy takes centre stage and the music can become somewhat sub par, see their other project Starbomb as an example. NSP has never had this problem with Dan being an amazing vocalist and Brain being an amazing musician in his own right. This is made immediately clear with their recent cover album, fittingly named under the covers.

Under the covers is NSP’s take on the 80’s and 70’s music they both love and doing it in their instrumental style. The songs range from  A-Ha’s take on me and Tears For Fears’ Everybody wants to rule the world to the title song from The Last Unicorn. As this album, shows complete disregard for their comedy roots, NSP are allowed to show what amazing musicians they both are with their cover of Rock With you especially being amazing.

A-ha take on me-1stcover.jpgThe Last Unicorn (1982) theatrical poster.jpg

If you listen to this album and then re listen to some of their other, more traditional stuff if you will, you will garner a much deeper appreciation for their musical ability. 6969 especially stands out for having great melodies and a captivating chorus.


NSP well done to you sirs.


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