Agents of Shield: Why I hate Marvel

Agents of Shield was a marvel TV series released in 2012 after the success of The Avengers, most likely because they paid Clark Gregg too much and wanted a better deal out of him. Now this series isn’t bad per se however it has always been a mixed bag quality wise. Certain episodes are cool, the rest aren’t.  This is, in my opinion, because Marvel requires you to watch every thing they put out in order for any of the films or series to make sense. Now if you are a devout Marvel fan, maybe this is appealing to you, to me it is not. the problem with this is that you are asking me to watch a lot of films, most of which are a mixed bag quality wise, in order for them all to make sense and because one of them might be good.

Featured Marvel

Agents of shield is the biggest culprit of this, while the show itself isn’t essential viewing for any of the films, it is essential the other way around. Now while the show has had some good ideas and stories It’s had some interesting ideas (Inhumans) and character arcs (turning Skye into Daisy, and with that the real lead of the show), and the performances from the S.H.I.E.L.D. members are all enjoyable. But it’s got to the point where i just don’t care anymore – go figure.

When you make a tv series, you are asking someone to give up their time to make it a part of their schedule and when the series is bad you are wasting their time, and they wont watch it anymore.

Like me. I swear I got up to the end of series 2 and just didn’t care.


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