Production Diary – Entry 1 -23rd December 2016

This production diary is for the filming process, of which I carried out over the past few days. As a process itself it wasn’t too difficult however was very awkward at certain parts. With the layout of the room I was filming in combined with the shots I wanted, made for some very awkward shooting positions and places for me to film, with one in particular requiring me to sit on a window ledge with both of my legs on a printer.

As I’m sure is the case with all films, some shots proved to be much more difficult than others. This was for multiple reasons, the layout of the shot, the shot’s actual content and directing people within the shot.

We started filming the second scene first as it was not weather dependent like the first scene was, filming was relatively smooth for the most part, despite certain semantics that the room provided us with, none of which could be helped however.



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