Star Wars: Rogue One

The most recent film in the star wars series, Rogue One, initially had me skeptical. I wasn’t sure that such a minor plot point could become an entire film, whether it would have the same lustre as the others with the lack of familiar characters and whether it could differ from my opinions of The Force Awakens, which I thought was pretty meh.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Theatrical Poster.jpg

However Gareth Edwards managed to prove me wrong with a film that, and I am not lying, is probably my favourite of this year. While this is still a Star Wars film and initially comes across as a rather standard one from he beginning, it quickly morphs into a very different tone of a film. Jyn, the main character, looks as if she’ll be a standard hero, similar to Luke or Ren, comes across more as a Han Solo, which is more interesting as a lead. Speaking of characters, there are a lot of them and surprisingly are all very complex. At face value, most of them are very paint by numbers action film characters. You have the main hero, the reluctant secondary hero, the comic relief sidekick, a duo who help them and a main villain, who happened to have killed the parents of the main hero. However that is as far as it goes. The duo of Baze and Chirrut are highly entertaining, and undergo perhaps the most complete arc of the film, Baze especially going from the non-believer regaining a sense of that spirituality, showcases his incredible bravery, and is loyal to Chirrut to the point of getting himself killed. And the scene where Chirrut is fully convinced he is a Jedi was my favourite of the entire film.

K2SO does play the roll of your typical rip off star wars droid, the C3PO to BB8 if you will. But comes across as more of his own character. Whether it was a misunderstanding, a quip, or just bashing a guy over the head, he was equally hilarious, badass, and also surprisingly caring. He got lots of scene-stealing moments, but underneath the humour and the steel was some real heart. If there’s any death in Rogue One that really brought out the emotions, it was his, and he deservedly stands among the other droids of saga.


There are some weird characters, Saw Gerera especially comes across as quite strange. But for the most part the characters are a huge up part of this film.

I did a post recently about how a plot is engaging and this film has definitely done that to a T. The plot itself is relatively simple, find the thing, But there are so many other sub plots and narratives going into that that makes it so engaging. This film also has the perfect balance between plot and action, breaking it up evenly. Bit of plot, bit of action and that works, building to the climax greatly. I will say, with it being a prequel, plot wise the ending fell flat for me but that scene is so jarring that you couldnt help but be engaged. The fact that the entire fate of the galaxy comes up to two guys on opposite sides of a door is so striking.

The camera work, the visuals are all amazing, the music fails slightly to differentiate itself. As I feel it comes across as just standard action film music than its own amazing score, the best parts are the re orchestration of the original score, which I may prefer to the original.

Rogue one: my personal favourite star wars film



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