How Youtube Betrayed its Creators

There’s this idea going around amongst youtube creators that You Tube is currently a broken platform. And while there are certainly some elements of truth to this, what with creators losing subscribers when they upload or how you can become unsubscribed to channels randomly.

The problem with this idea though is that people think it happened instantly, and that’s just not the case. Youtube as a platform is constantly changing, both in its algorithms, trends but mostly its algorithms. These changes are minor for the most part but sometimes they can be drastic and completely change the landscape of youtube as a platform. The biggest example of this was in 2013, when youtube changed how it promotes videos and channels form views to watch time. Now while this may not seem too bad, it was.

This created one issue and made one thing immediately clear.

Image result for quality

Youtube does not care about the quality of your videos.

Just as a little experiment go to youtube and type Hunger Games into the search bar. Now you would expect to see some trailers from the movie or something like that. Now what you should be seeing is a lot of Minecraft videos. The reason for this is that these videos are very long in comparison to the Hunger Games trailers.

Image result for minecraft hunger games

The reason for this is that Youtube is trying to compete with other platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Quite simply the more you watch the more they get paid. If you watch all of a great 3 minute but you watch twenty minutes of an ok 45 minute video, who is going to get promoted more.

This has changed even more as now the algorithm has changed so that the frequency of uploads also matters.

As a case study lets look at three Youtube channels. Braille Skateboarding, Brave wilderness and Unbox Therapy. Now these are three very different channels, but they all started experiencing growth around the same time, and what do they have in common, they upload at least a ten minute video every day.

Now you can gauge the quality of these videos yourself, but you can’t argue that they have been successful.

For some creators, with the content they became known for, maintaining this level of quality for all of their videos and to upload one everyday becomes far too stressful and difficult. but do you know who can. Big companies who’ve been doing it for years.

Image result for burnout

Youtube isn’t the same platform it was just 6 months ago and it probably wont be the same even next month, who will emerge from the rubble next.

That is how Youtube betrayed its creators.


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