Pokemon Sun and Moon came out this past November and it is the first game in Pokemon seventh generation, which after the relatively disappointing sixth generation, promises to bring something new to the table.
Generation 6 brought the mega evolution, what has 7 brought? Well, for a start they have changed up the formula to an insane degree. Instead of the usual 8 gyms, which has been a Pokemon staple, there are now four Island challenges which are more like final fantasy dungeons then anything else. They also brought the new regional forms, which is an interesting concept. It’s basically taking some of the Pokemon from the original 151 and giving them new designs for this region, which I can imagine is very interesting for long time fans.

As well as having these reinvigorated designs Nintendo have, as always, made some completely new Pokemon for this generation. And I have to say, these may be some of my favourite designs ever, with Tsereena, Rowlet and Mimikyu  being some of the most intriguing to me.

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Mimikyu
I will say that I think the games are the most animu that they have ever done. What with giant kaiju like Pokemon, The overall designs of the characters and the soundtrack all fitting in to that vein of content perfectly. What your opinion of that is, is up to You. I don’t mind, I think it’s more of a welcome twist than an unwelcome one. However I don’t think these games are perfect in any sense.
Some of the designs are terrible, the island challenge idea is ok at best in execution and the story is very very weird. However these games present one of the most fun games of the entire series. The music, The the designs, the characters, the story. All of these things contribute to one of the most fun games in the series, with it being very anime influenced to boot.
As a game designer I wouldn’t rate these games to very high praise but as a player, these are two of my favourite games of the year



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