Sound effects

Sound effects are an integral part of a films appeal, good sound effects can create a great film, so I took great care in both making and finding good sound effects for my film.

As is often the case, the best way to do something is to do it yourself. This was the case here as well as I found it very difficult to find the sound effects I wanted for my film, and spending an hour making my own actually saved me time. there were however certain sound effects that I could not make myself, for example I wanted almost a sword sound effect for one of my idents. I don’t have a sword laying around, so I instead recorded a whisk against a knife.

Sound effects, while for the most part are used to emulate an existing sound, they can also be used to add an effect. A good example of this is the ringing noise that may be played when a character is knocked unconscious. in the film, no one can hear that, but it adds an effect on the viewer.

Sound effects are often the reason a scene is interesting, a certain sound can be used in the story, perhaps to allude to something. This is common in horror movies and other scenes where suspense is very integral.


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