Production Diary – Entry 7 – January 20 2017

I started colour grading my film over the past few lessons, it was a little bit trial and error as I had never done it before. But I feel it went well, while some of my footage remains quite grainy ( I’m hoping I will be allowed to add a plugin to final cut to correct that) it looks much brighter and much less red for the most part.

I started the  second version of the music, and I am liking this one much more, as it conveys the tone I want much more. the original was too minimal to convey what I wanted as much, but this new version has much more going on.

I’ve also changed the name of my film (after being encouraged to do so) . My original title of Ties, made sense for the entire film, but not in the span if those two minutes. My new title of Free Me, I think, is much more suitable.


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