Sherlock Season 4 review

The most recent and possibly the last season of sherlock concluded this past week and I would like to give my thoughts on it.

The first episode of this season is, in my opinion, one of the weakest they’ve ever aired. It’s inherently predictable, drags through the first hour and therefore the rather vital plot turn that happens later on, loses a lot of its value. The overall tone is a mess, with it being funny and then serious and then not stops you from getting into the episode properly. The episode tries to set up too much for the next episodes, which admittedly the payoff to is very well done, but in the space of that episode make no sense. Overall this episode didn’t set up the series too well, with the only intriguing factor being what the payoff to Mary’s death would be, spoiler it’s the only bad thing in episode two.

If the first episode set your expectations low, than the second must have blown them out of the water. While most people would have been amazed by the ending, which by the way is very good ( however we instantly know John survives because of the advert for the next episode playing at the end) but somewhat thrown together to tie into the next one, the explanation as to why John needs a new therapist is weak. Toby Jones is incredible in his role as Culverton Smith, who I personally think was a much more intriguing villain than Moriarty. The whole story is great, the interplay between John and Sherlock is entertaining and Sherlock’s drug antics are the show at its best/worst. I feel at some points it can be limiting to the feel of the show, what with him walking up walls and such, but it does add a lot to his character, when he thinks he made a wrong move there is a tangible what moment. My one flaw of this episode, and it is minor, is that I’m not sure if the explanation at the start is negated because the actors who played faith are revealed as different.

I think the third episode really did set itself up to fail. Let me explain, there could have been no satisfying payoff with a villain that we had known about for only one episode. I didn’t care enough about Euros to be invested. The episode tried to fix this with many different sub stories going on at the same time, which kind of worked, but the resolution is so forced that the ending feels fake.

Let me try and explain this ending. Sherlock goes to find his sister Euros in a prison, Euros takes over and traps Sherlock, John and Mycroft inside.  Throughout the episode theres this girl on a plane that is going to crash into London. Sherlock is told by Euros to Save this girl, he’s talking to her over the phone. He gets to talk to her a little with every test he solves, these are given to him by Euros. We learn that Euros killed Sherlocks dog Red-beard and that is why he doesn’t remember her. John and sherlock are separated, with John going to a well and Sherlock to his old family home (where Sherlock’s ‘first case’ is said to have been, some gravestones with incorrect dates) , we then learn that Redbeard was actually not a dog, but Sherlock’s childhood friend. Sherlock solves the Grave Case to find Euros in her room and it turns but that she was the girl on the lane the whole time.

I think that gives an explanation to the episode as a whole.

The series it self is solid, with it offering a great episode in episode two. But it can not compete with series 1 and 2.


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