Royal rumble predictions

Royal rumble weekend 2017 predictions.
Eric young vs Tye Dillinger.
This will likely be Dillinger’s last match in NXT as I think he will appear in the rumble match the next night. So therefore I think he will lose to give EY the rub. I’m not sure how good of a match this will be as Dillinger isn’t renowned for his work rate but I think it will be a fun match and a perfect opener for takeover. Eric Young wins.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode. Nxt title match
This match is very difficult for me to call, it would be very strange for Shinsuke to lose the title so quickly, however Roode has so much momentum going into the match and it would be weird for him not to win. Nakamura was humanised somewhat after Joe beat him back in October. But he has since regained the title and won the rematch. I don’t think it’s right for Nakamura to lose the title so quickly as I don’t think he’ll be in the rumble match if my other predictions are right. Shinsuke wins.

Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay . Nxt women’s title match.
Thid match being a fatal four way is somewhat of a surprise as the last time a title match was more than a one on one affair was almost 2 years ago. Having said that this, in my opinion, is the perfect opportunity for Asia to drop the title without her being pinned. She’s best tee record for longest champion and now should look towards moving on up to either Raw or Smackdown. As for who wins, I think Nikki Cross is the most likely candidate as Kay and Royce work better as a double act and I think they’re only in the match to take the Pinfall. Nikki Cross wins
#DIY vs The authors of pain. Nxt tag team title match.
I Think this one is the easiest to call for me as #DIY are so ingrained in Nxt that them losing the titles would seem weird. Their run also needs to be cemented somewhat as it has been quite short. The authors also aren’t talented enough to hold the titles. I don’t expect this match to be amazing, but Gargano and ciampa can drag a good match out of anyone so they have that going for them. #DIY win.

Royal Rumble main show.
Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi vs Mickie James, Natalya and Alexa Bliss.
This match seems more of an excuse to get people on the show to be honest, which is fine in some ways. But there are many matches I would have preferred to have seen. Who wins? I think the face team should win with Naomi getting the pin as that continues the story with her and Alexa.
Sheamus and Cesaro vs The club. Raw tag team titles.
This has been booked surprisingly well considering how dead of a story it could have been. I think that cesaro Cesar and Sheamus will win, as their reign has been quite short.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax.
I really don’t care about this match, neither particularly interested me and the match won’t vthe best, but I think Nia will win because they’ve shoved Sasha down our throats a bit.

Rich Swann vs Neville. Cruiserweight title match.
I’m torn on this one, while Neville has been playing a great heel and really deserves the title, it would sort of make the title look like it’s been hot potatoed as Swann only won the belt in November. Since then he has defended it a grand total of one time. I think Swann should win but I fully expect Neville to. Neville wins.

Charlotte vs Bayley Raw women’s title match.
It’s heavily rumoured that they are repeating Daniel Bryan’s story with Bayley and if that is the case she will lose at this show. I think that’s a good idea, if it isn’t too similar. I do expect a good match, Bayley is a deceptively better worker than both Sasha and Charlotte, despite looking somewhat awkward at times, just her style I guess. I don’t think Charlotte will win clean. Something’s going to happen but she wins none the less. Charlotte wins via shenanigans.

AJ Styles vs John Cena. WWE world title match.
Despite AJ having an amazing debut year I think John Cent will win this match to tie Ric Flair’s record. Now despite that being a better fit to happen at wrestlemania, there isn’t a bigger send off for the undertaker than for him to win the title in his last math. And that match has to be against John Cena, it has to be. These two have created magic before and I expect them to do it again. However this time it will be the main event. John Cena wins.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns. WWE Universal title match.
Owens wins. That is all.

Royal Rumble match.
Okay so first things first I’m going to predict two NXT call ups of Samoa Joe at number 28 and Tye Dillinger at number 10, of course. I’m also going to predict the surprise returns of Shawn Michaels, Kurt angle and possibly Daniel Bryan. As for who wins, I have a few names. I think it will be one of these three ( cannot predict just the one) Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho or Finn Balor if he returns. Now those are all Raw stars and I have predicted that as elimination chamber is a Smackdown event so they’ll probably crown a number one contender there.


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