RWBY Season 4 Review

RWBY season 4 concluded this past week with what was a good last episode and as I stated previously I am going to do a full review on this series.

lets start with the superficial. Music was great, animation was a mixed bag, most shots looked really good while others looked a bit off ( I think 3d makes some shots just funny with the way it’s framed especially in this style) and the voice acting was great.

Now onto the actual review. I previously stated that I thought that the first four episodes would revolve around the four main characters of the series, with each getting their own. This was kind of true, but Ruby was still in all of them. I think this was a good idea, and as the series went on it took more of a game of thrones type feel, with their being multiple stories being told at once. It was different for the show, and worked quite well, I wouldn’t say to do it all the time as the series did suffer from it a little, I felt that between episodes 8-10 nothing really happened as they were setting everything else up. So the pacing, I felt was a little off at points.


In terms of character progression, the series did a good job. A more limited cast was needed for this season, especially with the episodes being so short, as you couldn’t keep up. I liked the progression Jaune, Weiss and Yang got as that all felt deserved and a good follow up from last season. But for characters like Ren and Ember, it felt too forced. Ren especially, he took a big role in this season, which made no sense considering he’s never really done anything in seasons prior. And while his backstory was really good, it was just shown to us, there was no reason behind it happening. Also with many of the main characters playing a bigger role in the next season, characters like him and Nora are going to serve a smaller role like they did in previous seasons, which is fine you have to have characters like that but it makes half of this season redundant.

The ending to this season was OK, I think they could have done more with it. They spent two episodes building up this villain only to have him killed off within half of an episode. it served as a good payoff to Ren’s arc. The line ‘for myself’ was very well written especially with how that shot was framed. I think we needed more of a payoff with Oscar and Blake, the only real cliff hanger we got was that Lionheart is actually a villain. Which, like, seriously if that’s it that’s pretty disappointing. If we had had something cool like Pyrrha’s voice or something, I think I would have preferred it.

I do want to say though that them not bringing back ‘dead’ characters was the right move. it’s too soon to do that. ( I say ‘dead’ as in shows like this, unless we see them get buried, they’re still alive.)


I think this season served as more of a set up for the next season, which made sense. But there was very little payoff, aside from the mini stories told within the episodes themselves. I think if we were to rank this season amongst others, from a purely superficial standpoint it’s number one hands down. But in terms of story telling, character development and plot, I can’t rank it higher than series 3.


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