David Brent: Life on the Road – Case study

David Brent: Life on the Road is a 2016 British comedy film written, directed, and produced by Ricky Gervais and released by Entertainment One. The film stars Gervais as David Brent, a character he played in the BBC television comedy series The Office who has a film crew that shadows Brent as he travels up and down the country living his dream of being a rock star. Gervais said, “This film delves much more into his private life than The Office ever did and we really get to peel back the layers of this extraordinary, ordinary man.” He has emphasised that it is “not an Office film”.

The film was released in both cinemas and on Netflix in the UK and Ireland on August 19th 2016, in Australia and New Zealand on August 25th 2016 and in the US and the Netherland on February 10th 2017 however only online.

The film was produced by BBC Films and Entertainment One,  it was distributed by Entertainment One’s various international branches and Netflix. The other companies that worked on the film were:

  • Air Edel recording studios (music services)
  • Audiolink Radio Communications (walkie talkies)
  • European Film Bonds (completion bond company)
  • Freeway Cam B.V. (collection account management)
  • Hyperactive Broadcast (post-production facilities)
  • Molinare Studios (post-production)
  • Pinewood Digital (digital dailies)
  • Sapex Scripts (post production script services)
  • TLO Film Services (action vehicle supplier)

Entertainment One and BBC Films co-financed the film. Entertainment One distributed the film in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Open Road Films distributed the film in the United States, although Netflix later acquired distribution rights to the film in all territories excluding the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


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