Better Call Saul – Textual analysis.

In the scene Class and status is presented as something to be desired, both by Gene’s power being challenged and by the representation of those with or without power themselves.  In the scene power, and how people feel about it, is represented in various ways. First off Gene is represented as contempt with his level of power, his expression does not portray him as particularly happy but the digetic sound of the soundtrack playing over the scene juxtaposes this and suggests how he might actually feel. This is supported by the fast forward shots that we see as the song is playing, with them representing how time just flies by for him because of the power he feels he has. This power he has is later challenged by the police officer, with the close up shot of his badge adding to his level of power, the fact that the police officer is filmed at an upshot to Gene is important as well as it portrays him as having more power. This presents Gene’s power as being challenged, which is followed up on by his loud and angry reaction to the man in the coat being arrested. which is further supported by him fainting and the contrast in soundtrack between this scene and the previous one. Before he felt calm and secure which is suggested by the music but in the scene with him sat on the bench he does not, which is shown by the lack of music.

Power as a whole is presented in various ways through out the scene, especially in the scene with Gene on the bench. There is no music or soundtrack in this scene of any kind, which forces us to listen only to the characters voices, and those with speaking lines are presented as more powerful, as the police officer gets many, where as the man in the coat only gets one. This further supports the idea of Gene’s power being challenged as he gets no lines until his loud outburst towards the end of the scene. When the music non digetic soundtrack starts playing towards the end of the scene it represents how Gene feels due to his lack of power as this music is far more sombre than the original music. The choice to use black and white in the scene is of note as well, as it presents different character is different ways, the fact that the Police officer is wearing very dark clothing and stands out amongst the lighter tones of the background presents him as Important which contrasts to Gene, whose shade of shirt is almost the exact same as the background, suggesting that he does not stand out at all. which is further supported by his lack of speaking lines. In direct contrast the voices of the police are boosted in volume, presenting them as far more important than Gene. Which Gene Reacts to negatively presenting power as important and his frustration due to his own being challenged.



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